I'm looking for a tech project to do in my spare time. I have a very vague description for a very specific project I want to work on.

I know I want to create something. Could be a program, could be something hardware-wise... but I want to use this project to explore some area of life that is not often explored.


I want to climb figurative mountains and bring an adventure into my life in my spare time, so that I can have some excitement in my not-so-exciting life of doing work, school, etc.

I want to use my side project to come back with something profitable to me. Either palpable or knowledge-wise, I want to benefit myself and others from what I do.


Like how Iron Man can create his own armor and energy, and be free to fly around in a rocket-propelled suit... or how Sam Flynn can make his own hacking devices in Tron: Legacy and jump off buildings with parachutes.

I'm not looking for something that will get me into trouble like the latter example, and I'm not looking for vigilantism like the former example. I guess I'm just looking for another world I can explore and bring something back from, using my skills and hobbies in real-life executions to help me learn and improve them along the way.

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